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Holistic Executive Coach & Mentor London


Holistic Executive Coach & Mentor London

This is your invitation to know yourself more deeply than you ever have before. This isn't just another coaching relationship.

Our point of difference? The combination of personalisation & metaphysics.

Welcome to a blended, heart-led approach to your personal growth

Expect to gain a deeper understanding of who you truly are at a soul level, along with an appreciation of your unique blueprint. 


Once you know this, you can unlock your ability to listen to your heart to tap into greater flow and alignment in all areas of your life.

We work with professional, capable, successful women who are looking to take the next step in their journey towards self-discovery and even greater success, and they want to do it in a way that feels natural and comfortable.


Every woman is individual, as is every programme we deliver. We customise our time together depending on what you need most. 

SheCapital services are designed to complement any in-house support and training on offer, and can help you to be even more effective.

Holistic Executive Coach & Mentor London
Holistic Executive Coaching & Mentoring | SheCapital

What do you mean by a "Holistic" approach?

Have you ever been faced with making a decision that you logically knew the answer to, but which every fibre of your being was resistant to?

That is the difference between being led by our intuitive powers and being mind-led.
We all instinctively know the answers to the situations we face, but over time we've been conditioned to think about the answers in a logical way that might not always result in the best outcome.
By understanding who you are, what your unique blueprint is, and how you think and make decisions, you can learn to work in a way that unlocks your ability to lead with your heart to find greater flow and alignment.

Holistic Executive Coaching & Mentoring | SheCapital

Holistic Coaching & Mentoring Services


All programmes start with a free introductory call for us to meet and discover whether we are a good match. During this call I would love to get to know you, who you are, what your goals are and what you are looking for (don’t worry if some of these aren’t clear at this stage!). It also gives you the opportunity to find out a bit more about me, my background and how I work to establish whether I am a good fit for you.


During this call I will also take you through the various options to working with me.

Holistic personal development and coaching for women

1:1 coaching for 6/12 months

During our 6/12 months of working together, we’ll explore who you truly are and how that manifests for you in your career choices, behaviours and leadership ambitions. You'll understand yourself at a much deeper level, learn how to step into your divine feminine power and work in alignment with head and heart to achieve your goals.


We'll meet once a month for up to 1½ hours, either online or in person (in London). Outside of our sessions I am available to support you as and when needed.


You are a unique, beautiful woman and there is no one quite like you, and because of this I work with you to use whichever modalities will serve you best – be that CBT, NLP, Strengths, EFT, journalling, meditation, Human Design, Gene Keys or reading your Astrological Birth Chart – to help you unlock your true power and flow.


At the end of our journey together you will have a deeper understand of what you need to do to achieve your goals, why you have the goals you have, and how you plan to achieve them by working in an aligned way that comes from a place of ease.

Holistic personal development and coaching for women

Exclusive Executive Community



When women come together they unlock the power in each other through connection, shared learning and bonds.


Launching in 2025 and exclusively open to anyone who has worked with me on one of my Your Capital programmes, Capitalise is a 12-month membership that includes the following:


  • Intimate Quarterly Dinners (Central London)

  • Life activation

  • Full Energy Balancing Session

  • Aura Healing Session

  • Detailed Birth Chart reading


Capitalise is only open to 20 women at a time, offered on a first come first served basis and in-person modalities are provided in Central London.

Holistic personal development and coaching for women

 04/ MAXIMISE YOUR CAPITAL Executive Retreat



An opportunity to create space for thinking, healing, bonding and self-reflection.


Launching in 2025 and open to anyone who feels called to learn more about themselves, who they came here to be, and why.

I started my coaching with Célia at a time when I was seeking a new role. I had taken a gamble on a change of direction in my career which had not worked out as I had hoped, so I was feeling pretty nervous about my next step and needed to find ways in which to feel not only personally confident in my capabilities, but also about making the right decision. 

The first thing that I will say about Célia was that she was deeply empathetic... but also that she challenged me to think differently about why things had not worked out, what I had learned along the way and which of those learnings I was going to take with me, and what I was going to leave behind. Thinking about my journey in this way allowed me to identify positives from the past roles and harness them for my future.

The second thing I will never forget, and which I tell people about regularly, was Célia's approach to decision making. She taught me how to think about the best decisions and the worst decisions I have made - and then to identify how I had made them. She gave me a whole new framework on which to base my decisions, which gave me the confidence I needed to make a decision on which role I should accept and which, one year on, is proving to have been absolutely the right choice.


Discover the transformative power of leading with your heart and mind.

Whether you're at a crossroads in your career or seeking to elevate your board leadership presence, SheCapital is here to guide you on your journey to self-discovery and success.

Schedule a Discovery Call today to see if SheCapital is the right fit for you.

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