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Womens Executive Coach Mentor
Womens Executive Coach Mentor


Align your
What, Why & How
to unlock your

Holistic Personal Development for Maximum Performance, Success & Presence 

At SheCapital, we take a holistic approach to personal development, combining traditional methodologies with holistic modalities for a truly transformative experience. We believe in thriving through true alignment with who you are and by understanding and harnessing the power of your energetics.

Holistic Executive Coach & Mentor London | Célia Pronto

Mentoring female executives to unlock their next-level potential

At SheCapital we support successful, confident, ambitious women who have achieved, or aspire to achieve, C-Suite heights.


Despite all their career successes, women come to us feeling they can do more, be more and achieve more, but don't know how to unlock the gifts inside.


For too long the focus has been on working with the thinking mind, rather than working with where true wisdom resides.


When it comes to realising success and fulfilment, we have far more powerful tools at our disposal - our intuition, heart wisdom and divine feminine power - and at SheCapital we believe it's time to align with your true power.

Holistic Executive Coach & Mentor London | Célia Pronto
Holistic personal development and coaching for women
Holistic personal development and coaching for women

Ready to get to know yourself at a soul level? 
When you do...and align HEAD & HEART in pursuit of your goals, you can rise to your highest potential and step into the happiest, most successful version of you. 

Female Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Blending modalities for higher levels of personal development.

Welcome to a unique holistic approach to personal development. 


We help unlock new levels of success, fulfilment and abundance by combining traditional coaching modalities with holistic modalities to create transformative change.

Traditional approaches to personal development including Values Alignment, Strengths, Enneagram, Ikigai, NLP and CBT only get us so far, but we can unlock even greater potential when we use these tools alongside holistic modalities that allow us to get to know ourselves on an energetic and soul level; combining the WHAT and the HOW with the WHY.

We create safe spaces for ambitious, professional women to understand themselves completely, enabling them to create harmony between their heart and mind.


Empowering them to own their feminine power, to rise confidently and perform at their best, most authentic selves in alignment and flow with who they truly are.

Ready to get started?
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Hi I'm Célia Pronto, Women's Holistic Coach & Mentor and Non-Executive Director

I am an award-winning Director with over 30 years’ experience. After a number of successful C-suite positions I swapped my Executive career for a portfolio of Non-Executive Director positions on multiple boards, where I apply the tools, techniques and modalities I share with those I coach and mentor myself.

Throughout my Executive career I was given the opportunity to undertake numerous leadership programmes and training courses, but none of these got to the heart of WHO I AM.

At SheCapital we believe deep self-awareness and coming into alignment with who you are is the key to unlocking next level success and fulfilment, and we deliver this in combination with the strong, credible female mentorship that was missing for much of my career.

Célia Pronto | Holistic Executive Coaching & Mentoring | SheCapital
Holistic Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring Services


1:1 coaching for 6/12 months

A bespoke programme to help you know yourself at a much deeper level, learn how to step into your divine feminine power and work in alignment with head and heart to achieve your goals.


Exclusive Executive Community

COMING 2025 // Capitalise is a 12-month group membership with a focus on connection, shared learning and bonds. Exclusively open to anyone who has worked with me on one of my Your Capital programmes.


Executive Retreat

COMING 2025 // An opportunity to create space for thinking, healing, bonding and self-reflection. Open to those who feel called to learn more about themselves, who they came here to be, and why..

Célia has been an exceptional mentor to me in the past four years of my entrepreneurial life. Her approach to mentoring is caring and insightful - creating a safe environment where I could effortlessly articulate and tackle various doubts and challenges. She mastered unique questioning techniques that led me to clarity with those 'AHA moments'.

I always feel uplifted and recharged after every session, which helps me focus and grow with a strong mindset and confidence.


How It Works


Book a Discovery Call 

Is our approach is right for you? This call gives you the opportunity to discover more about our modalities to see if these resonate with you and whether we are a good fit.


Become more self-aware and aligned

Commit to activities you can undertake between our sessions together, with a commitment to review these when we meet and make adjustments as you see results.


Align and step into your next level potential

Notice the results, both small and large, as you become more conscious of becoming more aligned, heart-led and in flow with who you truly are.

Célia Pronto | Holistic Executive Coach & Mentor | SheCapital

Are you ready to step into your power and lead with authenticity?

I invite you to schedule a Discovery Call with us today. Let's embark on this journey together and unlock the extraordinary woman and potential that lies within.

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